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Soulfinder Information
Manuscript Details:
Premise: There is much more to God than simply saving a soul.
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction
Audience: Adult Women
Word Count: 77,179

Brief Description:

As a result of tragedy: the suicidal death of his mother; a child is displaced from what he’s always known. As a result of a car accident: a collision which renders her stranded; a woman is sent to a place only God could have directed her to. When the two come together, a kinship is formed and the child discovers that God can see him, while the woman discovers that the power of God is much bigger than she ever thought possible. Unfolding along a journey of self discovery or rather, God discovery, Soulfinder combines the sometimes heart-wrenching reality of everyday life with an offering of optimism, enlightenment, a bit of humor, and even a touch of the supernatural.


Full Synopsis:                          
In the ocean side town of Shaded Falls, California, eight-year-old Isaac returns home from school on his last day of second grade to discover that his mother, who has been plagued by paranoid schizophrenia, has committed suicide. The trauma incurred from the incident leaves Isaac in shock and hospitalized while the situation leaves him estranged from his father, resulting in his placement into the foster care system.

Free spirited Faith has driven from Ohio to California on a whim with the intent of surprising a friend who, due to unforeseen circumstances, is no longer there when Faith arrives. Faith travels the coast of California and is subsequently involved in a car accident, which renders her stranded. As a result of the accident, Faith meets Daniel, who is self-described as a man accountable to God. In need of a place to stay, Faith is taken by Daniel to The Harmony Church Mission, which is home to Demsie, the godly woman who founded the mission and cares for mischievous foster children. Since Faith is now without a vehicle, she decides to remain in California for the time being and help Demsie at the mission.

Alone and bewildered after the death of his mother, Isaac displays his need for solace and his mistrust of outsiders by adopting the habit of hiding from people. Upon his arrival at the mission into the care of Demsie, it becomes clear to Faith that God has a purpose for her there. She reaches out to the withdrawn little boy and it is through Faith that Isaac discovers the pivotal lesson of his young life, in the knowledge that God can see him. It becomes a quest to find a children’s book to reiterate this discovery for Isaac.

Since Daniel is a regular volunteer at the mission, he and Faith see one another frequently. In the process of becoming an overseas missionary, Daniel’s focus is on God’s plan for his life. This has created conflict with Daniel’s father, who disapproves of Daniel’s decision. As a result of the growing animosity between Daniel and his father, he spends less time with his family and more time as a volunteer at the mission, giving his budding relationship with Faith ample time to grow.

Isaac is plagued by feelings of guilt over the death of his mother. He works with a child psychologist to help him process his feelings and understand what has happened. After spending several weeks at the mission with Faith and Demsie, Isaac begins to come out of his shell. His sessions with the psychologist improve steadily, moving him toward reunification with his father. He persists in asking for a children’s book to tell him God can see him, for fear he might otherwise forget.

When attraction develops between Daniel and Faith, their time together is shadowed by the fact that Daniel is about to leave the country for the mission field in Africa. Because of this, they discuss their situation objectively and reluctantly agree to remain just friends, a decision that doesn’t last. It seems to them both that God has brought them together, and though neither is sure of what the future may hold, they are unable to deny their growing affection for one another.

When Isaac begins visitation with his estranged father, both Faith and Demsie work with him continuously to put his remaining fears to rest and quell his insecurity, though Faith has been unable to find him a book. When Isaac is returned to his father permanently, Faith is faced with frustration over the limits of the situation and her inability to shelter Isaac any further. In an effort to remain a help to him in the only way she can, Faith vows to never stop looking for his book.

As the time draws near for Daniel to leave for the mission field, the challenge he faces with his father begins to grow and his relationship with Faith deepens, resulting in an open declaration of their love for one another. Daniel and Faith must leave their feelings for one another in second position to their willingness and desire to follow the will of God, and it is their ability to do so which ultimately brings Daniel to reconciliation with his father.

When it becomes apparent that both Isaac and Daniel will be gone from her life, perhaps permanently, Faith is left feeling abandoned and alone. Demsie is there to provide support and guidance, insisting that God is not finished and encouraging Faith to see it through. Demsie asserts that there is much more to God than simply saving a soul, referring to him as The Great Soulfinder. The story culminates at nightfall on the beach, when Faith invites God to find her soul. As a result of this encounter with God, Faith writes a children’s book and entitles it God Sees. She dedicates the book to Isaac, and God makes a way for him to receive it.

Author Bio:
Saraiah Faith Gracie has her relationship with God grounded in the fact that he is the only Father she has ever known. Subsequently, she has been inspired to seek out as much as can be known, at least according to any earthly dweller, about the will and ways of God. Faith writes out of a desire to express and articulate the spiritual truths of God in a format which will be well received and easily understood by most: fiction; thereby making them practically applicable to the everyday lives of fiction readers and their friends and families. She has written two novels: Soulfinder and The Remnant of Eden; In Between Worlds, and a children’s book: God Sees.  She is also a columnist for where her articles have been viewed by over 60,000 people. Her column is entitled “Facets of Faith”.  

Soulfinder by Author Saraiah Faith Gracie, Copyright 2010