Soulfinder - A novel by Saraiah Faith Gracie

There is much more to God than simply saving a soul.

Description:  As a result of tragedy: the suicidal death of his mother; a child is displaced from what he’s always known. As a result of a car accident: a collision which renders her stranded; a woman is sent to a place only God could have directed her to. When the two come together, a kinship is formed and the child discovers that God can see him, while the woman discovers that the power of God is much bigger than she ever thought possible.

Unfolding along a journey of self discovery or rather, God discovery, Soulfinder combines the sometimes heart-wrenching reality of everyday life with an offering of optimism, enlightenment, a bit of humor, and even a touch of the supernatural.

As described by the reviewer from The Writer’s Edge Service, Soulfinder is: “A powerful novel; the writing is excellent, the characters are strong and the story is touching. Difficult circumstances are described with realism and hope- traits that are much needed within the Christian fiction market.”

Soulfinder by Author Saraiah Faith Gracie, Copyright 2010